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In the News

Open House – September 7th

The AIA Kansas Board of Directors will hold an Open House at the AIA Kansas Office on Wednesday, September 7th from 4:30 pm – 6 pm. Please join the Board and your colleagues for this informal get together.  Back to Top

 It’s Conference Time!!

more with less, this theme represents today’s reality. We are all doing more with less but we sometimes find that we can get to the essence without sacrificing the goals. more with less is taking two and making three; taking black and white and making red; listening more and talking less; more us and less me. We believe this conference is the one people will be talking about for years, highlights include design keynotes by our awards juries lead by Rob Paulus, AIA, from Tucson and Andrew Wells, AIA, from Springfield; a presentation from principals Steve McDowell, FAIA, and Casey Cassias, FAIA, of 2011 Firm of the Year BNIM Architects; a keynote by AIA CEO Robert Ivy, FAIA; the application of social media; and a marketing panel discussion by veteran marketing professionals; and many other seminars important to our everyday practices. Our sincere thanks to the Conference Committee with each Co-Chair responsible for a portion of the conference: Rick Brown, Aaron Smith, Tony Rangel, Josh Herrman, Eric Wittman, Mike Vieux, Dave Dresher and Hans Nettelblad. Along with our staff Trudy Aron and Carol Maxim, they have assembled an outstanding lineup and capped it with two par¬ties – the Emerging Professionals will present a "Chit Chat” evening on Thursday as a Fun(d) Raiser for Joplin and Friday evening we will celebrate the 2011 CSR and AIA Kansas Design Awards (See more about this below.)  More    Back to Top

Call for Presenters - Chit Chat

AIA KS/CSR Event/Joplin Relief Fund Raiser at the Conference on Thursday, October 6 from 7-9 pm. The AIA Kansas Emerging Professionals is presenting Chit Chat (in the Pecha Kucha Style) at the Conference on October 6th! You are invited to present (and, of course, attend.)  This is for everyone - students, emerging professionals, and seasoned architects.

The theme for our "Chit Chat" is the same as our conference - how you see your work in the context of "more with less".  How it works - each person is allowed 20 slides and limited to only 20 seconds per slide.  This equals 6 minutes and 40 seconds. We are looking for 7-8 presenters for the event
Since this year’s conference is in combination with the Central States Conference, and our fellow members in Joplin, MO were affected by a devastating F-5 tornado, we are asking for a minimum $5 donation that will go to Jasper County/Joplin Red Cross. 

Interested in presenting?  Contact Stacey Z. Keller,, 1-785-235-0012, or Jennifer Rygg,, 1-316-267-4002. This event is brought to you by the Emerging Professionals Committee of AIA Kansas and sponsored by AIA Wichita. Advance donations may be sent to Stacey Z. Keller, Treanor Architects, 1715 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66612.  Back to Top

Candidates 2012 Board of Directors

Hans Nettelblad, AIA, chaired the Nominating Committee for the 2012 AIA Kansas Board of Directors. Those serving with Nettelblad on the committee were Jennifer Rygg, Associate AIA, Bob Condia, AIA, Katie Nichols, AIA and David Heit, AIA.

President Elect Charles R. Smith, AIA
Charles Smith, AIA, is a Principal and Vice President of Design & Information Technology at Horst Terrill & Karst Architects. Graduating from Kansas State University, Cum Laude, and the Heintzelman Prize recipient May 1990, Chuck started his professional career in architecture at HTK Architects. Chuck has amassed over 35 years of Design and Construction, including owning a construction company in Dallas, TX. With his wife Denise and daughter Ashley, the Smith’s are active in the Topeka Community. Chuck has served in many capacities for AIA Topeka and AIA Kansas, including Past President of AIA Topeka, AIA Kansas CAD Standards Liaison to the State of Kansas, a 2 year term as Director of AIA Kansas, and currently serving as Secretary of AIA Kansas.

I am excited about the opportunity to continue to serve AIA Kansas as President Elect. Since joining the profession in 1990, I have been active in our organization to first learn and evolve, then later as an advocate to promote our profession and our ability to have a positive impact on our communities and environment. I applaud the ideas and work of our young professionals and the renewed energy they can bring to our profession and communities. Their involvement with professional groups such as AIA Kansas as well as community involvement is essential to the prosperity of our profession and the success of our communities. AIA Kansas needs to be a resource for all individual practitioners in Kansas. Through good community participation, good government advocacy and good design, architects can shape a better built environment. I would like to thank the nominating committee for this opportunity and would ask for your support in the elections this October.

I wholeheartedly second the nomination of Charles Smith, AIA, for the position of President-Elect of AIA Kansas.  As a fellow student at Kansas State University, Chuck was an inspiration to his classmates who saw his tireless work ethic and passion for architecture.  As a professional, Chuck has continued to shine and has carved out a place as a colleague of distinction.  Chuck is well-prepared to assume this leadership role in AIA Kansas, and will lead us well through these difficult times.  Please support Chuck in this endeavor by voting for him this fall.  Jan Burgess, AIA

Secretary Gwen Gigous, AIA 
Gwen Gigous, AIA is a Project Architect with Schwerdt Design Group in Topeka.  After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2003, Gwen joined SDG where she has had the opportunity to gain experience on a broad range of project types.   Gwen is active in the Topeka community as well as being involved in the AIA on both the local & state level, previously serving as President of AIA Topeka and currently serving as Treasurer of AIA Kansas.

I am honored to have the opportunity to continue to serve on the AIA Kansas board.  Serving on the board has offered me the opportunity to work with my peers from other firms and learn from their insight and experiences, particularly through these very challenging recent years for our profession.  As varied of practices in size, location, and project types the firms across the state are, AIA Kansas provides the common platform for us to promote and support our profession, as well as provide opportunities for all of us.  With there still being a lot of uncertainty in the economy I feel it is more important than ever to educate people on the value of good responsible design and how this can help grow and improve our communities.  I look forward to continuing to be a part of the leadership of AIA Kansas.  

It is with great privilege to second the nomination for Gwen Gigous’ candidacy for the Secretary of AIA Kansas. I have worked with Gwen while on the AIA Topeka Board, where she served for two years as president. She kept the group on task, and often brought new ideas to the table. Her direct nature and comic wit are a benefit to all those around her. I am confident Gwen will serve the Secretary position for AIA Kansas well. Her previous leadership roles exemplify her interest in the promotion of the profession. She will provide a fresh, young perspective to the board, and provide great leadership and representation for Kansas’ members. Stacy Keller, AIA.

Treasurer Tim Clark, AIA
I have been an AIA member or associate for 30 years now.  Ouch! A constant thread throughout my career as an architect has been that AIA connection. I have been involved in various studios, jobs, states and a variety of sections in the past three decades. For the past twenty years, I have been a member of the Flint Hills Section and have served in a variety of offices and capacities. Some of you may remember the printed newsletter and my words in there. I cannot place a dollar value on being a member of the AIA. The opportunity to interact with like-minded and trained people with our knowledge is a pleasure. I know work has been tough to come by for some out there. Tim Clark, AIA, has been practicing architecture in Manhattan, Kansas, as a sole practitioner for the past 13 years. Previous locations include Warren Ediger, Salina, Kansas; Kansas State University, Interior Design; BNIM, Kansas City; Wilson Bryant Gunderson Seidler, Eugene Oregon; Bucher Willis & Ratliff, Salina, Kansas. Tim graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1986 and is serving his second term as President of the AIA Flint Hills.

As a board member, I think my first thoughts for a "platform" are cost control, membership value and AIA as a platform for communication with other architects and as an avenue to others in the construction trade.  You can count on me to be an advocate for the owner, the laborer, the design concept, my fellow architects, doing what is right, honesty, transparency, building technology and the occupants, both the singular and the collective. As our finances will be my charge, I will be counting the pennies and making sure our budget and goals are aligned. It is a great honor to accept the nomination for Treasurer of AIA Kansas.

Seconding Nomination Bob Condia, AIA:  It is with clear intention that I second Tim Clark’s nomination for Treasurer of AIA Kansas.  Tim and I have been on AIA committees and Flint Hills Executive boards together; tentative business partners; one another’s design critics and professional advisors; and we both have practiced in Manhattan and taught at KSU.  I have known him well for more than 20 years. Although through it all we might not always agree, I am confident that there is permanently respect in his firmness.  He is a tough customer when it is time, and he has the confidence to change his mind when others might not.  Tim sees this time in AIA Kansas as a moment when his talents and energy can make a difference.  I heartily agree and seek him as our advocate for the small firm in architecture, good design, fiscal responsibility (without being cheap), and finally an absolute hope for our profession to advance.  His best skills in communication are listening and straight forward honesty. I ask you to elect Tim Clark as Treasurer.

Director at Large Zach Snethen, Associate AIA
I am honored for the nomination to serve on the AIA Kansas board as a director at large once again. It is always a privilege to work with mentors in the profession as we not only work towards the improvement of our profession but towards strengthening the communities around us through good and prudent design. Renzo Piano recently said in an interview with Time Magazine, "Architecture is about making good, solid, safe buildings for humans. The difference between a builder and an architect is that an architect also cares about desire, about dreams.”

I believe that as architects, our first and foremost responsibility is to our community and the people around us. Human safety in architecture couldn’t be more relevant than after the destruction seen from recent natural disasters across the globe. AIA Kansas has pioneered the architect’s role in assisting in communities through the Disaster Assessment Program. Human desire for the built environment is why people cognitively choose one place over another. As architects, we must possess both the knowledge and desire to serve our communities in many different ways. As advocates for the profession, it is our job to ensure that architects have the right ‘tools’ to serve. As AIA Kansas moves forward, we move into a landscape that is far different and ever changing than where we came from. Technology, delivery, politics and communication all have implicit significance on how we live and operate. How- as architects in Kansas- do we stay true to our passion yet relevant and progressive in both a local and global economy. I look forward to working with you to ensure the success of architecture in Kansas.         
Prior to graduating from Kansas State University in 2003 Zach held a part time working relationship with EDDP Architects (now Tevis Architecture) since 1998 and continued full time until 2005. In 2006 Zach joined HTK Architects where he is currently a project manager and has a diverse background of project experience. Zach is pursing the ARE. He has served on the AIA Topeka board and AIA KS board as a Director at Large and has been a part of the conference committee for four years. He is involved in his community and vocal with community leaders about the importance of good and just design in the community.      

I am honored to second the nomination of Zach Snethen as Director-at-Large for AIA Kansas. It is important to note that Zach has previously served as AIA Kansas Director-at-Large. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working with Zach both professionally and in service to the community. Based on Zach' previous service and my experience in working with Zach, I am confident that Zach will serve AIA Kansas diligently, intelligently and with compassion. Please join me in supporting the election of Zach Snethen as Director-at-Large for AIA Kansas. Robert Fincham, AIA.

Director at Large Martin (Tony) Rangel, AIA
It is my honor to be nominated to serve AIA Kansas as Director at Large for 2012.  For many years I have been avid supporter of our professional association and believe in the alues it stands for as well as the people it represents.  And while we once again find ourselves tasked with difficult times, searching for solutions and working to survive, I believe we as the American Institute of Architects should serve as a professional beacon, collectively working together to strengthen our communities and enlighten our clientele through inspiring architecture and service.  With that in mind, I will endeavor to direct AIA KS in the efforts to build a brighter future the communities we live in.

Tony Rangel, AIA, is a Project Manager with Law Kingdon Architecture serving clients nationwide.  Among others, his responsibilities include business development, recruiting and mentoring the young professionals in the office.  An active member of AIA KS for more than 20 years he has served in numerous roles at the local, chapter and national levels and received an Outstanding Service Award from AIA Wichita in 1991.  Since graduating from Kansas State University in 1987 he has been involved with the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at KSU and was honored as a 2005 Alumni Fellow.  He is active in his community as well having been selected a "Top 40 under 40 Community Leader” by the Wichita Business Journal and an Alumnus of the Chamber of Commerce’s "Leadership Wichita” .

I second the nomination of Tony Rangel, AIA for Director-at-Large.  Those that know Tony understand that his commitment to AIA goes back two decades.  Tony certainly influenced my decision not only to join but to be involved in AIA, and his passion will inspire our new board, too.  Please vote for Tony for Director-at-Large. Jan Burgess, AIA, Senior Project Manager, Treanor Architects, P.A.

Director at Large David Dunfield, AIA
I appreciate the opportunity to serve the Kansas chapter of the AIA as a Director at Large and am honored by the nomination. The profession is certainly in a difficult state these days. I will try to do my part to encourage a greater understanding of the role and contributions that architects make to our local communities and to the larger society. At the same time I’d like to encourage AIA members to take a more direct and active role in community affairs. Architects possess skill sets that can benefit communities in arenas well outside of our typical professional practice. Especially in an economically challenging time, such contributions have real value. 

I have been practicing architecture since 1983, working in firms of varying sizes, with distinct cultures, for public and private clients, with projects ranging from room additions to quarter-million square foot public buildings. After receiving my M. Arch. at KU, I worked in Kansas City, Ithaca, NY, St. Louis, and briefly in Osaka, Japan, before returning to Lawrence in 1993. I have a longstanding commitment to preservation and sustainability in architecture.  I am an active participant in the regional community. I served as City Commissioner and Mayor of Lawrence, and as a founding and current member of the boards of trustees for both Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area and Destination Management Inc.  I recently established Dunfield Design. If you’d like to know more, please visit my website at I am especially interested in fellow architects’ responses to, critiques of, and suggestions for my blog entries on the (very broad) topic of "architecture and community.”

I am pleased to recommend David Dunfield for the position of Director at Large. I have worked with David for the last 10 years and know him to be a great Architect in the truest sense. His dedication to the profession of Architecture and his community has been an inspiration to me and everyone around him. He is a thoughtful designer with a thorough understanding of the way buildings are constructed and support their users and the environment around them. This holistic approach to building has created many facilities that will stand the test of time and are a testament to what we should all strive for. The opportunity to have David help us all down that path should not be missed. Scott W. Hazelitt, AIA,

Associate Director Nils Gore
Nils Gore is an Associate Professor and the Interim Department Chair in Architecture at the University of Kansas (KU) and a licensed architect in Kansas. His education includes a B.Arch degree from Kansas State University, and an M.Arch. degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Prior to his appointment at KU in 2001, he taught at the Boston Architectural Center ('87-'91) and at Mississippi State University (MSU) ('95-'01). His work in the university lies in the realm of community outreach through hands-on student projects. These include numerous projects in New Orleans's Seventh Ward following Hurricane Katrina.

I am pleased to serve on the Board, and will serve with special attention to seeing graduating students make meaningful transitions from school in to the profession.

I second the nomination of Nils Gore as Associate Director: I think it was my idea. Nils is new to AIA, but not to architecture or motivating students. I had two thoughts bringing him into the AIA Kansas leadership: First he is just so good with the students at KU, without being too soft (nor too mean) he brings them around to the hard thinking of our profession. 2) As the director of the school (and my own relations with him) demonstrates his superb organization (which is to say political) abilities. I suggest that Prof. Gore’s tendencies and knowledge of sustainability and social commitment will add substance to any board. He will bring a solid model and persona of leadership to AIA Kansas for our emerging professionals, students and the rest of us. Bob Condia, Kansas State University.  Back to Top

Kansas Architectural Foundation Scholarships

Kathleen Sis, of Kansas City, Kansas, is in her final year at KU. She is a member of AIAS and an active participant in campus activities. She is a member of the All Scholarship Hall Council, Miller Scholarship Hall and Women in Design-UK Chapter. She has held summer positions at both EPA and the Unified Government of Wyandotte County.

Eman Pervaiz Siddiqui was born in Karachi, Pakistan and lives in Wichita. She has provided more than 300 hours of volunteer work at Aga Khan University Hospital, the Ida Rieu School for the Sight and Hearing Impaired and the World Wildlife Fund’s Wetland Center all in Karachi. She is a member of AIAS, Secretary of the Pakistani Students’ Association and participates as an orientation assistant for New Student Orientation at KU.

Creativity and design were always strong interests for Jessica Symons, and lead to her desire to pursue a career in architecture.  Jessica entered Kansas State University’s College of Architecture Planning and Design in 2008 where she is a meticulous and passionate student who is consistently listed on the Dean’s Honor List and volunteers for the annual Telefund Drive. She will begin her fourth year this fall and looks forward to spending the spring semester participating in the College’s Italian Studies Program at Cento Studi in Orvieto.

Kyle Tinsmon begins his 4th year of studies at K-State; he is from Andover. Kyle was president of the Architecture Student Advisory Board for the 2010-11 and while president, participated in the department’s re-accreditation and faculty search processes.  He is also a member of the Dean’s Student Advisory Committee, is a student representative on the College’s Professional Advisory Board and serves as both a student ambassador and a mentor group leader to first year students.  Back to Top

Affordable Geothermal

Funded by a DOE grant, Energy Center of Wisconsin energy engineer Scott Hackel recently developed a free modeling tool that engineers and designers can use to analyze the benefits of hybrid geothermal systems. One of the major barriers of geothermal is that it is too expensive or impractical. This research using conventional HVAC technology with geothermal demonstrates how to make ground-source heat pumps more cost effective. See the final report at to Top

McGraw Hill Construction-Dodge now Online

With several corporate cuts over the past 2-3 years, Dodge has closed many local "shops”, in favor of going electronic with the Dodge Network (both for news and for posting plans/specs for our subscribers to view). While still active and covering the same markets as before, the perception is that we are "out of business”. This couldn’t be further from the truth! So here a brochure telling you what we have to offer. Or contact
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Alert:  LEED® AP Credential Phase-out Has Begun

The USGBC has begun the "Sunset Period" on LEED® APs without Specialty.  If you have LEED APs on staff that have not completed the opt-in process, please read this information immediately.  Back to Top

Senator Steve Morris installed as NCSL President 

President of the Kansas Senate, Steve Morris, was recently installed as President of the National Council of State Legislatures, a non-partisan organization that researches and provides information for state legislatures and other policy makers. AIA has long been an exhibitor/sponsor of the NCSL Annual Meeting. Photo includes Senator Morris, Angie Taylor and Burt Roslyn, AIA.  Back to Top

Lars Spuybroek to speak in Lawrence

Lars Spuybroek is a professor of architectural design at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He will speak at 7 p.m. Sept. 8, at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire, Lawrence, Kan. Spuybroek’s work focuses on theory, design methodology and research in geometry and manufacturing. At Georgia, he is creating a curriculum that involves theoretical seminars, design studios and the manufacturing of large-scale models at Georgia Tech’s laboratory of computer numerical controlled machinery.  Back to Top

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