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Ornelas Elected CSR Director        Presidents Report     
AIA Kansas / KSFM Met                KSFM Plan Review    
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Stalled Project Financing Help      Cookbook - great gift
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Ornelas Elected AIA CSRDirector

 Congratulations to Wendy Ornelas, FAIA, who will serve AIA Central States as its next Regional Director.  She has a demonstrated history of regional and national leadership experience, including President of AIA Kansas (2001), President of the National Architectural Accrediting Board (2009-2010), President of the Kansas Architectural Foundation (2000), and Regional Director for the West Central Region of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (2003-2006).  A thoughtful and fair leader, Wendy will represent Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma on the AIA Board of Directors for 2012-2014.  You may send her a congratulation email at wornelas@ksu.eduback to top 

Presidents Report

more for less Central States Regional Conference
When I left Wichita on Saturday evening at the conclusion of the Central States Conference, I was both exhausted and revived.  Looking back now I really believe that it was one of the most successful conferences put on by AIA Kansas.  Our great team of volunteers led by committee co-chairs, Tony Rangel, Aaron Smith, Josh Herman, Eric Wittman, Rick Brown, Mike Vieux and Hans Nettelblad, and of course Trudy and Carol are to be congratulated for their hard work and successful planning.

The keynote presentations delivered by our awards juries lead by Rob Paulus, AIA, from Tucson and Andrew Wells, AIA, from Springfield were reflective of the conference theme and our Midwestern values.  It was fun to celebrate BNIM’s 2011 AIA Firm of the Year award with Steve McDowell, FAIA and Casey Cassias, FAIA, and we were very privileged to participate in one of the first member dialogues held by AIA Executive Vice President, Robert Ivy, FAIA.  There were a number of other presentations that I found interesting and beneficial as I fulfilled nearly all of my continuing education requirements for the year. 

 Our young professionals coordinated a very lively and fun event to benefit the Jasper County/Joplin Red Cross.  The chit chat presentations delivered by Eric Wittman and Tim deNoble were particularly entertaining. 
And finally, the trip to Greensburg was inspiring.  While we architects enjoyed seeing the several successful green projects, it is the spirit of the people of Greensburg that is truly uplifting.  No one wants to go through what that community went through, but the citizens of Greensburg took a tragic event and made the most of it. They have my respect and admiration. 
Those of you unable to attend missed out.  Hopefully you’ll be able to attend next year’s conference in Topeka.  Finally I want to congratulate our own Wendy Ornelas, FAIA who was elected a Central States Director to the national board.  Wendy, thank you for your continued service to the profession.

Gary Nevius, AIA                    back to top

AIA Kansas and Fire Marshals Meeting

Government Affairs Chair Bob Fincham, AIA, and Trudy Aron, Hon. AIA, met with Interim State Fire Marshal Terry Maple and Brenda McNorton, Chief, Fire Prevention Division, on October 24th to discuss recent challenges with the adoption of the 2006 International Building Code and their effect on local jurisdictions and projects. 

The adoption of the 2006  IBC by KSFM was the first update in nearly two decades.  Many of the statute requirements have just not been pertinent since the code was so out-of-date. Because of the update, many jurisdictions have not been able to meet it's requirements – especially water pressure and flow rates.  This, of course, sets up a conflict between local code adoption and the requirements of the KSFM that affects the entire state.  The KSFM is aware of some of the areas where there are problems and they are working with the jurisdictions to provide variances or exemptions.

Architects may ask for the variance or exemptions as well as jurisdictions.  Here are the statutes and this is KSFM’s procedure:

  • KSFM requires any local jurisdiction (or any architect, designer, etc) who wishes to change, modify, or be exempt from a state adopted code to provide, in writing, a detailed explanation as to what is being changed, modified, etc and the reasons for the modification. 
  • Local Jurisdictions must submit their modification, which is then reviewed by the Chief of the division, the Attorney, and the Fire Marshal for approval.  After a detailed review, a decision will be made as to if the modifications are going to be acceptable in its entirety or returned with required changes. 
  • Contained within the proposed modifications, individuals must outline all areas where the modification is made, they must provide code references, and they must provide justification for the modification. 
  • To date, KSFM has reviewed a few local jurisdiction modifications, however nothing has been approved.  Once an amendment or modification has been approved, it will be posted on the KSFM website.

During our discussion with the KSFM, it was agreed that we would formally meet quarterly to maintain a dialogue and exchange information.  Also KSFM will provide us periodically with articles and other information.  The first article by Jack Chartmon is below.  Your comments on issues, suggestions, and comment regarding KSFM and any other state agency should be sent to

In addition, we have been issued a standing invitation for providing information and articles to be included in the "Prevention Highlights”.  The Prevention Division produces and electronically distributes a quarterly newsletter that is sent out to all facilities that we inspect as well as all the various state agencies, associations, and organizations, etc.  The goal for this publication is to provide articles from KSFM staff as well as the various businesses and organizations that they partner with, in order to show our united efforts in fire prevention.  If you have an article or just an idea for an article, contact    back to top


By:  Jack Chatmon, Office of the Kansas State Fire Marshal

In regard to 50% and 100% completion inspections that KSFMO conducts, it is the responsibility of the project architect or facility representative to notify Kansas Department on Aging or Kansas Department of Health & Environment when the construction project is nearing this phase. A letter must be received stating that the project is 30 days from 50% or 100% completion, and must also state the reason for the inspection request as well as the contact person. 

Before KSFMO will schedule the inspection, a code footprint or scaled drawing and a fire alarm/fire sprinkler design package (if required) must be submitted and approved. 50% and 100% requests for inspections to be conducted by the KSFMO for adult care homes/ assisted living and nursing homes completion phase inspection requests for schools can be sent directly to the KSFMO.  These inspections will be conducted by the KSFMO or may be performed by the local authority having jurisdiction if they have signed the Memorandum of Agreement with this office (inspection must be performed by the fire chief or paid department personnel). A list of departments who have signed this agreement can be found on our website –

To acquire this form if you wish to add your department you just simply need to contact the KSFMO. Nursing homes, hospitals, ASCs, and similar facilities requiring federal inspections must be conducted by this office. Annual (routine) inspections of these facilities are already a part of this office’s inspection schedule process.      back to top

Save Some $$ for the Foundation and PAC

It's near the end of the year and before you close your books, please remember to make donations to:

Foundation Donations - The Kansas Architectural Foundation provides scholarships for architecture students to attend KU or K-State.  They also provide scholarship to support those participating in bloxDonation form 

PAC Donations - Kansas will elect 40 Senators and 125 Representatives in 2012.  In order to support candidates that support YOU, we need your donation to Kansas ArchiPAC.  Your donations provide much needed campaign funds for our friends in the Legislature.  It is no secret that the conservative wing of the Republican Party is gunning for the moderate Republicans; especially in the Senate.  Therefore it is very important that we elect representatives that are friendly to the design and construction industry.  By joining with fellow members, we are able to provide financial support to these candidates.  Need more information:
 Brochure  Donation form            back to top

aecknowledge - New AIA Kansas Partner for Professional Development

AIA Kansas is proud to announce a new partnership with aecKnowledge - an innovative, online knowledge-sharing platform for the AEC industries.  As an established provider of high-quality video continuing education, aecKnowledge delivers peer-reviewed, unbiased, engaging knowledge featuring top thought leaders and subject matter experts—all available 24/7.  aecKnowledge has developed their curriculum in partnership with AIA and USGBC chapters across the country and offers courses that are AIA CES or GBCI approved, with many offering valuable SD/HSW learning units.

A few courses from their current curriculum:

  • Financial Management: Beyond Intuition, 1.25 hours (AIA)
  • Lorcan O'Herlihy: Ruthless Optimism, 1.0 hour (AIA)
  • Accessible Public Accommodations, 1.5 hours (AIA HSW)
  • Minimizing Risk During Construction Administration, 1.25 hours (AIA HSW)
  • Leadership 1: Influence and Effectiveness, 1.0 hour (AIA)
  • CALGreen 2010 Non-Residential Measures, 1.5 hours (AIA SD/HSW)
  • Designing Net Zero Energy Buildings, 1.0 hours (GBCI)
  • Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Improve Energy Efficiency, 1.0 hour (GBCI)

In addition to continuing education courses, aecKnowledge features over 50 free "kTalks”—6 – 10 minute distilled videos to inspire design professionals and provide knowledge critical to their practices.

We will be sending you updates as new content is added, but encourage you to  - with aecKnowledge today and to share thisinformation with a colleague or associate who might be interested.  back to top

AIA Site Matches Stalled Projects with Potential Investors 

Despite record low interest rates, banks remain reluctant to lend to the design and construction sector.  As the May Architecture Billings Index showed, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial building projects nationwide that have been stalled for no other reason than lack of financing. 

To address this problem, AIA announced in June at CGI America, a Clinton Global Initiative jobs conference in Chicago our intent to develop a database of sorts that would assemble projects that have been stalled for no other reason thanlack of financing. Since then, we have been encouraged by the number of investment firms that reached out to us to be listed in this database.

So, we undertook a four-month long effort to develop a page on - the Stalled Projects page, which will act as a networking website for real-estate investors and your clients, the developers.
This unique page of seeks to put you more in control of your own destiny. Instead of waiting for the banks, you will be able to reach out to a group of investors who have chosen to list themselves for the sole reason of lending money to creditworthy projects. The AIA Stalled Projects page will be a place where developers and investors can meet to exchange information. Investors looking to invest in commercial real estate will be able to peruse a list of projects seeking capital. Developers looking for investment capital will be able to look up and reach out to investors willing to lend.
In order for this initiative to be a success, we need your help. We need you to list your stalled projects on this page, to populate the site so that investors will find it worthwhile.  We intend to announce this AIA initiative in a major press announcement November 7, so we need as many projects to be listed as possible now. If you list your project, it will be available for anyone who has signed in to see. As times goes on, we hope to have hundreds of projects and hundreds of investors populating this site, interacting and building working relationships with one another. Please email any comments about the site to
There’s money out there for your project; all that’s needed is for you to list it on the AIA’s Stalled Projects page.         back to top

CT Cookbook by and for Architects

Need a great gift for the holidays?  AIA Connecticut has produced an exceptional Cookbook.  This unique cookbook features beautiful line drawings and over 250 mouthwatering recipes submitted by architects and members of the design and construction industry.  It is in a hardback 3-ring binder for easy viewing.  We liked it so much; AIA Kansas gave a copy to all our speakers at the AIA Conference.   back to top

Dodge Services for Architects

 With several corporate cuts over the past 2-3 years, Dodge has closed many local "shops”, in favor of going electronic with the Dodge Network (both for news and for posting plans/specs for our subscribers to view). While still active and covering the same markets as before, the perception is that we are "out of business”. This couldn’t be further from the truth! So here a brochure telling you what we have to offer. Or contact       back to top

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