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Architect Membership

Individuals who are currently entitled under law to practice architecture and use the title “architect” in any state of the United States. Members may use the initials “AIA” after their name.

Architect Membership

Associate Membership

Individuals without architectural licenses from a U.S. licensing authority but who are ineligible for Intern membership and meet any of the following requirements: a) those who are employed under the supervision of an architect in a professional or technical capacity directly related to the practice of architecture, b) those who have a professional degree in architecture, c) those who are faculty members in university programs in architecture and who are actively involved in research, administration or the teaching of architecture or d) those who have an architectural license or the equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority and demonstrate honorable standing in the profession in the locale in which they are licensed.

Associate Membership

Associate New Graduate Membership

International Associate Membership

Student Membership

The AIAS is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and the profession. This is open to full-time undergraduate or graduate students of an accredited architecture school, or a full-time student of a secondary school with academic participation in architectural coursework. 

The American Institute of Architecture for Students


Emeritus Architect/Associate Membership

Any Architect/Associate member may apply for Emeritus status who has been in good standing in the Institute for fifteen successive years immediately prior to his or her application, and either (i) has attained the age of 70, and is retired from the profession of architecture, or (ii) is so incapacitated as to be unable to work in the profession.

Architect to Emeritus Application >

To apply for Emeritus status please complete the appropriate form above and send to:

AIA Kansas  PO Box 4485, Topeka, KS  66604 – OR –

Email to: Reily Goyne

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Reily Goyne

785-357-5308 ext. 1

Architect Memership
Associate Membership
Student Membership
Emeritus Membeship
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