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Allied Membership

If you work with architects, then you’re invited to become an allied member of AIA Kansas. The American Institute of Architects in Kansas promotes collaboration among the design and construction industry and offers programming to bring professionals together.

Why you should become an AIA Kansas Allied Member and partner in 2023:


  • Access to more than 700 architects and design professionals in Kansas can significantly increase your business.

  • Recent studies indicate that architects specify more than 70 percent of the building products used in construction today.

  • Your support allows AIA Kansas and its sections in Topeka, the Flint Hills and Wichita to provide more tours, education (CEUs) and networking opportunities for members.

  • AIA Kansas Allied Membership is a great way to promote your products and services year-round and receive discounts on booth registration at our annual conference.

  • Allied membership helps build and strengthen communications among all members of the design /construction team.

If you have questions about membership send an email to or call 785-357-5308 ext. 2.

Eligibility: Allied Members must be registered to practice their profession where such requirements exist, with established professional reputations.  They may be engineers, planners, landscape architects, interior designers, sculptors, muralists, and artists. Professionals in: construction, government, education, industry, research and journalism, and/or others whom the chapter believes will provide a meaningful contribution by virtue of their employment or profession.  Allied members cannot be individuals licensed to practice or those pursuing architectural licensure.

Thank you to all of our 2022 allied members !

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