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Understanding Your 2024 AIA Kansas Dues

AIA Kansas is a single-state organization serving as the State and Local components.


Three voluntary sections are serving geographical areas:

Flint Hills (Riley County)

Topeka (Shawnee County)

Wichita (Sedgwick County)


AIA members who choose to participate in these sections will be charged an additional amount to be provided with local programming.

Members who live or work in Johnson or Wyandotte County now have the option to be assigned to AIA Kansas as their state/local organization. 

Dues 3.PNG

*AIA= Degreed & Licensed Architect

**Assoc. = Degreed Only

​Membership dues are the calculated sum of three (3) separate fees, National, state and local dues, and then pro-rated quarterly.  Pro-rated dues are for new members only.  State dues are determined by the guidelines set forth by the State Membership Assignment.

Expected dues Assigned Members:

 AIA National: $318.00

 AIA Kansas dues: $540.00. (No additional local dues)


AIA National: $138.00

 AIA Kansas dues: $217.00

Assigned AIA Kansas membership benefits:
  • Serve as voting members on section, chapter, and state boards.

  • Speak and vote in section, chapter, state, and regional meetings on business matters and elections.

  • Be appointed as members of committees at all levels of the Institute.

  • Serve as chapter delegates to state, regional, and national AIA conventions.

  • Participate in all Institute group insurance, retirement, and other benefit programs.
    Serve as a national officer, national director, component officer, or chair of a national committee.


Expected dues Unassigned members:


 AIA National: $318.00

 AIA Kansas dues: $ 217.00


AIA National: $138.00

 AIA Kansas dues: $100

Unassigned members are not eligible to receive any of the benefits listed above.
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