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Understanding Your 2020 AIA Kansas Dues

Dues 3.PNG

*AIA= Degreed & Licensed Architect

**Assoc. = Degreed Only

​Membership dues are the calculated sum of three (3) separate fees, National, state and local dues, and then pro-rated quarterly.  Pro-rated dues are for new members only.  State dues are determined by the guidelines set forth by the State Membership Assignment.

AIA Kansas is a single state organization serving as both the state and local component.


Within AIA Kansas there are 3 sections serving geographical areas: Flint Hills (Riley County), Topeka (Shawnee County), and Wichita (Sedgwick County). These sections charge dues that will be reflected on your dues statement.

  • If you live or work in Johnson or Wyandotte County, members can now select AIA Kansas as their state/local organization. You will only pay National and AIA Kansas dues for a total of $454.00. There are no additional local dues.


  • Choosing AIA Kansas as your state/local means the Institute will assign you to Kansas for voting and delegate rights in matters of governance. To select AIA Kansas, you will have to submit a transfer form and we can assist you.


  • Assignment to Kansas unites all Kansas architects to have a stronger voice in community development and advocacy at all levels of government.

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