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Brandon Pace, FAIA


Sanders Pace Architecture

Dallas Felder, AIA

Senior Project Designer

HOK, Chicago


Meet the jury chairs Brandon Pace, FAIA, and Dallas Felder, AIA, who represent a small and large firm. Attendees will see examples of their work and learn about their approach to research and how it informs the independent design approach to practice.


This presentation will underscore the importance of research as a critical component in developing an independent design approach to practice from a small and large firm. The discussion will include research undertaken independent of individual commissions, and the role it plays in developing design approaches that are more than reactionary to project demands. The presentation will show how an attitude toward research pervades that firms work in every aspect of the practice, and is collaborative with industry, other firms, fabrication processes, and material understanding.

2021 CSR/Kansas Jury Chair Presentation: Design Approach to Practice

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