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Peter O'Connor, RCDD


Hoefer Welker


This course explores how modern technologies such as Digital Media, Digital Front Door, Building Automation, PoE Lighting, Clinical Technology, and others have evolved and expanded their impacts on user experience as well other building systems. A single system can span contractor and owner responsibilities and multiple design disciplines. This course will compare how this evolution does not often correlate to current design and specification approaches and offer a more holistic approach that maximizes interoperability and the overall experience.

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how technologies used in modern buildings have evolved to transcend traditional boundaries.

  • Understand expectations of technology interoperability with various examples and applications.

  • Identify how a traditional design approach may not result in a holistic solutions that are not interoperable.

  • Learn how to proactively change your approach to technology design and how a modern approach to the incorporation of technology enhances the overall experience of a built environment. Sample tools and approaches will be discussed.

“The impact of ongoing Technology Evolution on Design and the Design Process”

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